How the Foot-Rx came to be...

I'm Scott McCulloch, and I'm the proud inventor of the Foot-Rx, a product I created here in Oregon to address my own foot pain. My professional colleagues probably best know me by my day job as a marketing/communications guy, while my social circles might know me better for my passion as an events DJ. But the title that defines me more than any other is runner, having passionately dedicated most of my 38 years to the sport.

Despite my unwavering love for it, my own running performance has been hampered by ongoing aches and pains. While I've always had the spirit of an elite athlete, my body has repeatedly reminded me – through reoccurring injuries and subsequent Sport Medicine doctor visits – that I'll likely never be one.

Regardless of my deficient bio-mechanics, I still strive for personal improvement with each run I’m able to take, and make every effort to address and overcome all obstacles along the way. To that end, I invented the Foot-Rx, which helped me successfully overcome a major set-back in my own running health. I've since fulfilled my life-long goal of running the Boston Marathon, where I was lucky enough to finish the '13 BM with a time of 3:02:50, and I have just set my personal best of 2:53:00 (Napa Valley, '16).

The Foot-Rx became an invention out of necessity in my own training for Boston. As I increased my daily mileage, the top of my foot was beginning to hurt more and more. It seemed obvious to me that this pain was caused, or at least exacerbated, by the pressure created where the laces secured my shoe on top of my foot. I attempted several self-help techniques in an effort to maintain my training, including an alternative method of tying (this method is illustrated well in a Runner's World demonstration video you can view on YouTube). Ultimately however, I determined I needed an insert to adequately disperse the pressure; an insert that I would soon discover did not yet exist. 

After some trial and error creating home-made contraptions, I settled on a rough design that worked well for my need (which would ultimately become my first prototype). It wasn't long before I became aware that several of my running buddies were experiencing a similar pain, and thus, I began "producing" the Foot-Rx for them as well.

The Foot-Rx has helped me, and it's helped my friends – and now, I want it to help you. Please try a pair risk-free and let me know how they help you!

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