Top of foot shoe insert




It's Simple

By placing the Foot-Rx inserts in your shoes between the laces and tongue, the pressure points of the laces are widened, redistributing the pressure over the complete surface of the Foot-Rx. This can help you keep your laces appropriately secured for walking, running, and playing sports -- while helping to prevent injury, alleviate pain, and reduce inflammation.

It's Effective

When your shoes fit better, your feet feel better. As the only shoe-insert of its kind, the Foot-Rx is designed to let you tighten your shoe laces for a better fit, while also relieving pain and inflammation that can occur on the top of the feet.

It's Guaranteed

How can you be certain that the Foot-Rx will work for you without trying it? You can't. That's why we'll let you try it out for up to 30 days before deciding if it does what you need it to. If it doesn't, just ship it back -- and we'll refund your money.



"I love your product. I'm glad you exist, but I was stunned that there was a product to help me."

-- Oscar G.

   Allen, TX

"On my second pair - and I love them. Definitely a great concept."

-- Xenia C.

   Boca Raton, FL

"Such a simple idea, but it really works for us. My husband and I both use it for different reasons, (I run with mine, he golfs in his). Thanks again for another pair!"

-- Sarah P.

   Los Angels, CA

"I can't say I was particularly optimistic, as I'd never come across anything about this sort of insert before, but the difference it made was immediate and dramatic.  I went from not being able to run more than 10-12 miles without having to take off a full week due to the pain, to having no top of foot pain at all as I went through a full cycle of marathon training, and the NYC marathon itself.  I continue to use it and continue to be pain free."

-- Jonathan Stead

   New York, NY

"My feet are two different sizes. One is a full size shorter than the other. I can't afford to buy two different size shoes, so I wind up buying a larger size pair and tying the shoe a bit tighter on my smaller foot. After running long distances and my feet naturally start to swell, this was causing me significant pain. I tried a number of different solutions, but the Foot-Rx worked best for me. I use it on my smaller foot only, and I no longer experience pain and am able to wear my running shoes comfortably. Thanks from a very happy customer!"

-- Ed W.

   Oak Hill, VA